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Best Tool for Parental Control

Qustodio is a control software that helps parents monitor and restrict their children’s online activities. With Qustodio parent portal, parent will be able to monitor and control the websites that their children visit, the apps they can use, and even who they can talk to. This program is powerful and gives parents peace of mind. This tool ia an all-in-one solution that covers all the needs.

Main Features:
🧿 Web Filtering: Limit and block access to specific websites and apps
🧿 Activity Log: Qustodio family portal monitor and review all your children’s web activities
🧿 Call and Text Monitoring: Monitor and block incoming and outgoing calls and texts
🧿 Social Media Monitoring: Monitor and block social media activities such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

Tool for Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone!

Best Solution for Monitor & Control

This application allows parents and teachers to lock and unlock features and monitor and control the time their children spend on the Internet. Qustodio app interface is user-friendly and provides a variety of options and tools.

The most important thing about the Qustodio free is that it is very easy to use. It is designed to be used by parents who are not the most technologically savvy. It is easy to install, and it is easy to customize settings.

It is a kids control app which allows parents to monitor their kids’ device usage. App is available for iOS, Android, and Windows, Mac. Qustodio parental control app is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Best Solution for Monitor & Control


Interface is very easy to use and navigate. There are four categories on the top menu bar: Dashboard, Apps, Web, and Messages. When selecting the Web tab, the parent will be able to see a list of all of the websites that the child has visited. Web tab will give the parent the option to approve the website or block it. Again, this is a great Qustodio kids feature because not all of the websites that kids go to are appropriate for them.

With the Dashboard tab, you will be able to see statistics about how many messages, hours played, videos watched, etc. that the child has done. The Qustodio parent tab will give you a list of all of the apps that the child has used. Messages tab will allow you to go through all of the messages that the child has sent and received.

As you can see, the interface is easy to use. There are no ads or pop-ups that you will see on the site. Only con that I found with the interface is that when you want to switch from one tab to another, you have to press the back button three times to do it. Download Qustodio PC is a minor con, but it is worth mentioning.


Tool enables parents to select which apps their kid can use. Parents can download Qustodio and change the time their child is allowed to use the device. It also allows parents to monitor their child's location, block or delete unwanted contacts, and filter inappropriate content. App uses Internet filtering based on categories like pornography, self-harm, violence, etc. to reduce risk to the child. Download Qustodio Windows that provides parents with reports detailing their child's web activity. App uses filtering based on age, so parents can block inappropriate websites.

Tool allows parents to monitor and filter messages, photos and videos on their child's phone. Qustodio family also provides parents with reports on messages, photos and videos. With Qustodio, parents set time limits for their child's device. App also lets parents limit the number of apps and games that their child can use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Qustodio for Windows 10?
It is a Freemium product, that means we have a free plan with some limitations, as well as a premium version (paid plan) with more options and parental control features.
Is Qustodio safe for my kids?
Yes, tool is safe for your children. We work hard to make sure, install Qustodio is safe, but you should still take precautions.
My parent's phone is an iPhone and my child's phone is an Android?
App works the same way on iPhones and on Android phones. App is basically the same on both devices.
How does the app for Android work?
App uses the GPS location of your mobile phone, to track the location of your child/children. It then sends out regular alerts to the parent's device. This way, you can know where your child is, and what he/she is doing.

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